Friday, March 27, 2009

affordable art

Painting-a-Day blogs are a great way to find affordable art, not to mention that they're just wonderful to look through. Here are some of my current favorites.

These two paintings are from Barbara Kacicek's blog. I love the colors she uses.

How great is this painting of a Tiffany's box? From Oriana Kacicek.

This painting of cherry tomatoes by Ann Elizabeth Schlegel makes me long for summer.

Jinghua Gao Dalia uses traditional Chinese brush painting techniques to create her beautiful paintings.


  1. Those pictures of the fruits are too beautiful. I can really feel the color. What a great catch. Think you'll put any of these in your house?

  2. I love them all - I would love to have the painting of the cherry tomatoes in my kitchen. I also like the two birds - they remind me of illustrations in books I had as a child.