Sunday, March 29, 2009


I took a total of 96 photos this weekend trying to capture a few shots that wouldn't make me cringe as I showed them to my photography class this week. Out of those 96, only one came out halfway decent. It was overcast and dark most of the weekend and I'm not a good enough photographer to know how to make the most of substandard conditions. So, after spending hours out in the yard and at the park with my boys, the only good shot was the one I took of glass bottles in the kitchen window.

And yes, I did use Photoshop to help it along a bit. Here's what the original looked like:

I cropped it and ran the Lovely & Ethereal Photoshop Action from Pioneer Woman on it. If you haven't been to her blog yet, I highly recommend it. She has advice on photography (the Photoshop Action I used is available as a free download), cooking, parenting and renovating.
This woman packs a lot into her days and her blog is just pure fun to read!

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