Monday, April 20, 2009

bedroom plans

One of my ongoing projects has been the master bedroom. Something always gets in the way of my making any significant progress in this room. (Example: While refinishing the headboard, I came down with a stomach virus.) But I'm getting tired of going into a room that feels like it's only half done.

So it's time to finish this project. The two nightstands are slated to be refinished this week. Frankly, I'd rather replace the nightstand and that weird little plant stand on my side of the bed with a small chest of drawers that would fill up that space better, but it just isn't in the budget at the moment. (Daycare is a killer expense this year.)

Also, the lamp on the nightstand no longer looks the way it does in the picture. The lamps were the objects of my weekend DIY. Pictures of the results are pending.
There's a lot more that will need to get done, but I'm trying to break this project up into manageable pieces. If I can get that one wall done, I'll feel that I've accomplished a lot!


  1. I feel your bedroom is never going to be finished at the rate I'm going.

    Can't wait to see your results! Good luck.

  2. Love your headboard! Can't wait to see how the side tables turn out..good luck!