Monday, April 13, 2009

cookie for domino?

Ever since I found out that Domino magazine would no longer be published, I've been wondering what would happen to the rest of my subscription. On Saturday, I recieved a postcard that informed me that instead of receiving this:

I will now be receiving Cookie magazine instead.

Seriously? I know I'm still a little bitter about the decision to stop publishing Domino, but I have trouble believing that someone over at Conde Nast really thought that a magazine filled with tips on how to calm toddler tantrums and how to plan vacations to Disney World would be a good substitute for one that was filled with decor eye candy. I bought a couple of parenting magazines when my first son was born and I realized pretty quickly that there are only so many articles on fussy eating and baby-proofing your home that you can read.

Fortunately, they did offer the alternative of getting my money back for the issues remaining in my subscription.


  1. that's bullcrap. even the font on the front cover of that 'cookie' magazine annoys me.

  2. It seems like the weirdest substitution ever!

  3. I think what they did is give them at random. I got subscription for glamour.

  4. I wonder why they didn't just give people a choice of a couple of magazines?