Monday, April 27, 2009

dining room art

I've wanted to fill up this blank wall in my dining room with a display of frames for quite some time now. This weekend, the empty wall finally got to me, so I decided to put up the frames. I figured that it would take half an hour, at most. Much to my surprise, the project ended up taking over four hours!

I seriously underestimated how much time it would take just to hang the frames. Then I realized that the pictures I'd put in the frames really didn't go together well, so I decided to redo them. The bigger frames now hold the Hugo Guiness prints that I posted about a few weeks ago. I love how the silhouettes work with the dark frames.

The picture in the bottom middle of the display is one of the evening photos that I took.

And the two pictures on the top left and right are blueprints that I made yesterday. I make blueprints every year with my chemistry students to teach them about photosensitivity, but after seeing these PotteryBarn cyanoprints:

I decided to try making some of my own to use as art. I bought Nature Print paper from here. It was really easy (the package includes directions) and my five-year-old had fun helping me make them.

I'm going to try making some more blueprints with different plants. I didn't really have that much to work with since this was a spur of the moment project, but I think I can get better results using plants that will lay a little flatter on the paper. I used a piece of glass from one of the frames to press the branch down onto the paper before I set it in the sun, but it was a thick branch and I could only press it down so much without breaking the glass.


  1. It was worth the 4 looks great!!

  2. The frames look great! Thanks for stopping by my blog...if you want the pillow, buy it AT the Brooklyn Flea. It's half as much as on line!