Thursday, April 9, 2009

if i could pick one person to decorate my house... would be Sarah Richardson. The way she blends beautiful colors with airy neutrals makes me very happy. I also love how she finds vintage pieces and gives them new life. We don't get any of her shows where we live because the Fine Living Channel isn't available in our area so I drive over to my mom's every weekend to watch Room Service and Design Inc. at her house. My dad takes the boys to the park and my mom and I drool over all of the great decor. It's great!
I was happy to find that Sarah Richardson has a website that showcases some of her work, has a tips & finds section and has pictures of furniture she's designed. I think the website is new because the tips & finds section only has 2 entries so far. Here are some of my favorite photos of rooms that she's designed.


  1. emily, thank you so much for visiting my blog. yours is beautiful!

    have a great easter break