Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the west elm parsons desk

I admit that I am hardly the first blogger to profess love for the Parson's desk from West Elm. To tell the truth, when I saw a picture of the desk in the West Elm catalogue, I wasn't too impressed. It seemed so spare and plain and I just couldn't see it in my own house. So I turned the page and never thought about it again.

image courtesy of West Elm
At least, not until I started coming across images of this humble desk in action. It's so darn versatile! It can be a fantastic desk.

image via DesignSponge

image via sfgirlbybay

image via DecorPad Flickr stream

Or a console table.

image via West Elm

image via West Elm

But the image that really spoke to me was this one, where the Parson's desk is used as a nightstand/desk. I'm considering scrapping the nightstand that I'm refinishing (by scrapping, I mean relocating it to my son's bedroom) and replacing it with a Parson's desk. It could be my own little oasis. The only change I'd make is to replace the chair in the picture below with an upholstered storage cube like the one in the picture above. In theory, I like the chair, but darkness + getting into/out of bed + chair in my way = me with broken bones.

image of Liz Lange bedroom via Flickr


  1. I just adore a parson's desk. A piece that will always be in style. I love your inspiration pics.

  2. Overstock does a great rip off of this design on the cheap!

  3. I LOVE that desk and wish I'd known about it when I was hunting for our office desk two years ago. And the blue - is that West Elm's Spring color? It's fabulous.

  4. I SO want to use this desk as a side table by my guest room bed but I am short 6 inches. If you have the room go for it but make sure to show us pictures!!!

  5. Mrs. Limestone - I will have to check it out - I love a good bargain!

    Emily - sadly, I think West Elm stopped making the blue colored desk - I'm hoping they'll bring it back because it's beautiful!

  6. I would have thought the same, but you are right. It is all about how you style it! Ax

  7. You have inspired me to switch out a clunky desk for this sleek parsons desk!