Monday, May 11, 2009

fun with red spray paint

This is the lamp that has stood in my older son's nursery since he was born. It was never one of my favorite pieces, but we were saving up for a house, so we made do. Now that my son is five, though, he really needs an update in his room.

I was going to replace his lamp, but decided to try a DIY intervention first. So I spray painted it with a satin finish cranberry red and switched the lampshade.
I also sprayed the frame of his corkboard to match the lamp.

I wanted to spray the frames of the pictures over his bookcase red as well, but my younger son woke up earlier than expected from his nap. I think I should paint them white first so that the black doesn't bleed through.

That abstract masterpiece in the frame, by the way, is my son's first artistic creation. He finger-painted it when he was 1 year old and it's been in his room ever since. I love decorating with free art!

I also need to get his room some new window treatments. I want to do a Roman blind with a red stripe, sort of like this:

I've looked up patterns and directions for sewing them myself. (This will be the first time I've sat at a sewing machine since I was twelve.) I just have to find the right kind of fabric. I'm thinking of driving up to NYC this weekend to visit a couple of fabric shops that might have something I could use.


  1. Great job with the lamp and cork board!! You were very busy this weekend. Hope you had a great Mother's Day!

  2. Love the color choice. looks wonderful.

  3. Looks nice! Have you tried Calico Corners? Also...I've made several roman shades, and once you get the hang of it, it's not too bad. Good luck!