Friday, May 29, 2009

meet my dream house

I think that this is the most perfect house. There's something about white houses that just moves me. And this one is just the right size for a family of four. Not too big, not too small.

If I had this deck, I would be out here all the time. Seriously, even in the winter. The afternoon light slanting down through the tree branches is beautiful. Just looking at this picture makes me imagine friends and family milling about during parties and barbecues.

I also like this cozy little family room. The fireplace and furniture are a little outdated, but that's an easy fix. I'm a sucker for sun-filled rooms.

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I've driven past this house about a dozen times since it's been on the market. It's in a beautiful, park-like neighborhood that abounds with families and it's still only an hour's drive from New York City. If I could, I would buy it today.
At the moment, though, my husband is looking to change jobs. We don't want to move until we know where he'll end up. Hopefully, the perfect job will pop up soon and it will be in a town that's within reasonable driving distance.
Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. Wonderful Home. Wishing your husband much happiness and that a home like this is in your future. Certainly with your taste, you will make a house a chic and stylish home.

  2. Oh my, love that back patio. And that living room would be such a fun and easy fix.

  3. What a lovely home. I know you would have so much fun decorating and making it your own...
    Here's to keeping the fingers crossed on the new job so that the dream can become a reality!

    My best,
    Tricia - Avolli