Tuesday, May 19, 2009

mirrored furniture

If I had seen a piece of mirrored furniture in a showroom a few weeks ago, I probably would have shuddered and thought that it would look completely over the top in a room. But thanks to these two photos, I am now in love with mirrored furniture. What surprises me is how understated and yet heart-stoppingly elegant it looks in a room. And since it reflects back the colors of the room, it will match with anything.

photo courtesy of Sarah Richardson Design

photo courtesy of DecorPad


  1. I really do love this look. Although my kiddos finger prints all over them would drive me nuts:)

  2. A single piece of mirrored furniture is lovely. More than that and it could be a bit scary...and I think a bit dizzying. There are some lovely vintage/antique pieces around that are the best of this look I think.

    Tricia - Avolli