Monday, May 11, 2009

my very exciting weekend

This weekend, I got to take some photos for a local band for their upcoming album. It was nerve-wracking and very exciting and an entirely new experience for me. I think that the greatest thing about being a professional photographer would be the opportunity to meet so many great new people all the time.

I also had a run-in with faux celebrity when the Real Housewives of New Jersey arrived at the salon where I was getting my hair cut. I didn't see much - they were on their way downstairs to the spa with their film crew. I was surprised that they drove all the way out to Morris County (it's over an hour's drive from Franklin Lakes) to go to a spa, but I guess it made for a longer limo ride and more fodder for the show.

I'm on the fence about watching this version of the Real Housewives - I've never met a single real housewife in New Jersey who looks anything like these chicks. Of course, I'm sure women in California, Georgia and New York had the same complaint about the Orange County, Atlanta and NYC versions of the show.

Oh, who am I kidding? My eyes are going to be glued to the TV set tonight just like they have been every Tuesday night for the past couple of months of RHofNYC drama:-)


  1. These woman look even kookier than the other seasons. Its going to be great tv :)

  2. My husband watched the preview episode and even he's hooked. Oops, I mean he's horrified and he'd rather watch football;-)

  3. Congrats on your photo gig! Now I know why your pictures look 10 times better then mine! You actually know what you are doing!

  4. Actually, all I know is how much I don't know about photography yet. But thank you!

  5. too funny. i grew up in atlanta and was so excited about the RHATL... Let me tell you it was nothing like the Atlanta I knew, but hey it still made great tv. i watched every episode, just like I will with Jersey. I mean ''thick as thieves''??? too cool for school!