Monday, May 18, 2009


I know I'm hardly the first person to post about Poladroid, but I finally tried it this weekend and it was so much fun! For anyone who hasn't tried it yet, you just download the application to your computer and drop photos into it. Within a few minutes, a "Polaroid" version of your photo develops.

Here's a picture of my kitchen table.

This is a photo that I took at work during a chem experiment.

I'm planning to use this photo of my son to make a card announcing his pre-K graduation. It has a real going-off-into-the-world-to-do-great things kind of vibe.

In other news, I got the Parson's Desk this weekend! I'll be posting photos soon. I just have to get rid of the cardboard boxes and styrofoam that are littering the bedroom at the moment.


  1. Poladroid? New to me. Sounds fun. Can't wait to see the Parson's desk

  2. A Graduate. Love his attitude.
    A man-about guy.

  3. Love the polaroid pics... will try it. That is the darlingest picture of your son. Congradulations! He looks like a fun lover, too cute!