Wednesday, May 13, 2009

pretty books = pretty bookshelves

While I wouldn't buy a book just because it's pretty, I do like these books and think that they would look great on anyone's shelves. They're the Fine Editions from White's Books and they're currently available on Amazon.

I especially love this edition of Shakespeare's Sonnets and Poems.

I even love the dramatic black on the edges.

Faithful Domino readers may also remember the frequency with which this book appeared on bookshelves in the magazine. It's currently available from Amazon, but they only have 6 copies in stock. It tends to sell out quickly whenever it appears in a high profile magazine spread so if you've been longing for a copy, act fast.

If you decide to buy some books and need to purge your bookshelves, check out It's a site that lets you post books that you don't want anymore and send them out whenever someone requests them. For every book you send out, you get credit for a book that you can order. It's a great way to get rid of books that you'll never read again and get some "new" books in return.


  1. A manila envelope arrived with the striking zebra cover.
    It was an adventure as to find out who sent it.
    Mystery solved and I love it as well as the other books you posted.

  2. Love all of the beautiful book covers. Its an added bonus to get a classic story with a stunning cover. Great tip -