Thursday, May 14, 2009

to do list

Summer vacation is beginning to loom large on the horizon and I'm looking forward to the free time to get projects done. Here's my ambitious list of things I want to accomplish during the next few weeks and over the summer.

1. Get to West Elm & figure out how to fit Parson's desk in my car. This is one of the times that I wish I drove an SUV.

2. Put Parson's desk together and spend a few hours staring at it with gloating satisfaction. It'll be the first new piece of furniture we've bought since my older son was born five years ago.

3. Leave children with husband and go to New York City. Spend entire day rummaging happily through stores for fabrics for various sewing projects.

4. Immediately after finding said fabrics, proceed to Lady M's and splurge for a piece of this:

5. Explore all antique stores, thrift stores and flea markets in the area. After doing a little Internet research, I was surprised to learn how many there are.

6. Take children to NYC to visit the Museum of Natural History since they both love dinosaurs. Then proceed to Lady M's and splurge for a piece of this:

7. Prepare all lesson plans, worksheets and tests for upcoming school year.

8. Have picnics in the backyard. Substitute grape juice for wine for young children.

9. Sit on deck in the evening and watch the fireflies.

10. Wipe dust off sewing machine and sew a few skirts. Beg mom to teach me how to put in zippers. If feeling very ambitious, sew a simple summer dress.

11. Host an end-of-summer barbecue.

12. Try out at least two new recipes per week.


  1. Love your's inspiring me to think of my own...humm...what will be on it.

  2. so sorry about your tech. problems but I am so hopeful that you get your parsons desk!! Can't wait to see it in place! Have a great weekend!

  3. these photos make me drool! thanks for sharing!

  4. Can I have some of those? :D

  5. i quite like your list.
    see you at lady M's.