Thursday, May 7, 2009

turtle baskets

I took a personal day from work today. I've been feeling a double dose of work burnout and mommy burnout so I knew that it was time to schedule a quiet day to myself. I've been reorganizing our office and redecorating my older son's room this morning because that's what I do to relax and now I'm about to head out to HomeGoods to see if I can find a lampshade that I need.
Before I head out, though, I wanted to share these adorable turtle baskets from PotteryBarn Kids. I'd like to use the smaller one as an accent piece in our bathroom but I can't justify spending $79 for a basket (however cute) while we have larger projects to complete.

Also, the overwhelming consensus in comments and e-mails was to get the Parson's Desk rather than the chest of drawers. You've all made me very happy, because I really love that desk but I was doubting my design intuition. So thank you to everyone who offered their opinion! I'm planning to pick it up over Memorial Day weekend & I'll definitely post pictures of the result!

1 comment:

  1. Love the turtle baskets!! They would look awesome in Butterball's nursery but I am with you on the price!

    Can't wait to see the desk in it's new home!