Sunday, June 7, 2009

on a need to sew basis

I stopped by Calico Corners this weekend and ordered some of this fabric.

I was so disappointed that they didn't have it in stock since I was all set to do some reupholstering. I should get it in the mail in a week or two. The seat cushion for my desk chair is upholstered with a pretty horrible orange-yellow fabric. I think this green lattice will look much fresher.

I also ordered some of this fabric for the Roman blinds that I want to make for my son's room.

Once I had picked out what I needed, I wandered around the store looking longingly at other fabrics and imagining all the sewing projects that I could pursue. The drapes, the throw pillows, the duvet covers. The Ralph Lauren fabric in this duvet cover so pretty in person.

However, I refuse to allow myself to order any more fabric until I've finished these two projects. Hopefully the fabrics will arrive soon so that I can put my staple gun and sewing machine to good use. They've been collecting dust for a while now.


  1. Best of luck with your fun projects. Be sure and show us when you are done!

  2. I LOVE the green lattice fabric. It will look great on a seat cushion. Your sewing ambition has 'almost' reignited my interest in sewing...almost.

    Tricia - Avolli