Sunday, July 26, 2009


First, I want to apologize for neglecting this blog for the past few weeks. My mom's illness took up all of my extra time (what little there is of it!) and I don't think I've sat down at my computer more than six times all summer. Fortunately, things finally seem to be calming down and I can actually think about tackling all the projects on my to-do list. So thank you all for bearing with me!

Here's the recap of our week in Chesapeake Bay. The kids were thrilled because they got to spend every day in the pool.

In the evenings, the adults got to enjoy the beautiful views of the bay.

While the kids made s'mores by the outdoor fireplace. Well, maybe the adults made a few s'mores, too.

Nothing beats dipping little feet into a cool fountain on a hot summer day.

And mom got to take a few photos with the camera that's been growing rusty for the past few weeks. I'm thinking of framing this one to use over our bed. Or in the dining room. I like the fact that it's abstract and has a lot of blue in it.


  1. Thanks for stopping by,
    have a good "rest" of the weekend!

  2. summer goes too quickly. glad you were able to get away.

  3. Glad you are back with more time for yourself....enjoy the rest of the summer, xv.