Thursday, August 6, 2009

visit to the park

This summer is flying by so fast! I can't believe that I only have three weeks left before I have to go back to teaching!
I've temporarily put home improvement projects on hold to pack in as much time with my boys as I can before school starts again. A few days ago, we spent the morning in Van Saun Park in Paramus with my mom. We played in the park.

And in the sandbox.

Then we walked over to the zoo, where the turtles were the big favorite with the boys.
And no trip to the park would be complete without a ride on the train. Especially since my younger son is a train fanatic.

This is what he looked like when the train finally pulled into the station where we were waiting with tickets in hand.

This is what he looked like a few minutes later when the train pulled away because it was already full. Have you ever seen more heartache?

Fortunately, we were next in line when the train returned so were able to board. All better!


  1. oh boy, love those baby teeth...sweet boys!

  2. Great post! Loved the pictures of your adorable kids. I can't believe summer is almost over..sad.

  3. Words of warning from a mom who knows: Don't fall for buying baby turtles from FL on the internet... they grow to be monster turtles and stink to high heaven.

    Cute pictures... my baby boy gets married in October... hug them to pieces while you can!