Monday, September 14, 2009

finally, bedroom progress

Finally, we had some beautiful weather yesterday. There was enough light in the bedroom to take a picture - sadly my good camera's batteries were wiped out so I had to take this photo with my ancient camera.

The three big changes in the room are

1. The crown molding, installed by my husband in August. I love how crown molding instantly gives the room that older home feeling.

2. The paint color on the walls used to be a tired shade of yellow. Now it's a soothing cream color. The shade is White Chocolate from Benjamin Moore.

3. The bedding was a 10 piece set that was in a clearance bin at Bloomingdale's. The whole set (comforter, sheets, bedskirt, pillowcases and euro sham covers) was just over $100! I love the cobalt blue and white scrolls!

The to-do list for this room includes:

1. Getting art to hang on the wall by the desk. I'm stymied about what to use here. Photographs? Canvas? Sunburst mirror? I can't even decide on the color of frame that would look best.

2. Replacing the desk chair with a Ghost Chair knock-off.

I'm having a hard time convincing my husband of the necessity for this. He's having trouble buying into my vision of how great this chair would look with the desk. Maybe I should just order it, set it by the desk and let him see what it looks like in the room? Is that too sneaky?

3. Getting new window treatments. The sheer panels that we have up just aren't cutting it. This is going to turn into a budget-friendly sewing project as soon as I track down the right fabric.


  1. oh my, this looks great. I have to admit I am one to buy and then ask "what do you think".

  2. Everything looks great!! I am loving your desk/sidetable!! I say go for the chair. It's lucite, maybe he won't even notice...

  3. The room looks good.
    I'll have to check out he Benny Moore White Chocolate, as I'm looking for an off-white.
    Painted furniture is making a comeback, maybe painted a different color if the hubby is still not feeling the love of lucite.