Monday, September 14, 2009

painted kitchen table

A while back, I refinished our kitchen chairs. I painted them white and reupholstered their seats. Now, I've finally refinished our table to match. Ta-da!

I sanded it down, cleaned it off with denatured alcohol, primed it, painted it, sanded it again, painted it again, sanded it again and painted it again. Finally, I finished it off with two coats of glossy polyurethane. It was a long job, but so worth it in the end! Not only is it just brighter looking, it's also much lower maintenance than the old wood finish.

The apothecary jar on the table is filled with some decorative leaves and some acorns that my son and I gathered in the park.

I spray painted the acorns with some gold paint that I had in the garage. Free decorations are my favorite. Originally, I was going to fill little bowls with the acorns, but my younger son apparently thinks they're candy - so for now, they're safer at the bottom of the jar.


  1. Your table and chairs look great together; all your hard work paid off. High gloss seems to be the hot finish these days.
    Love the fabric on the chairs.

  2. I love it. What color white did you use? I painted my table white, than black, and now I am wanting white again.