Monday, October 19, 2009

wardrobe update

Sorry I've been an absent blogger lately. The past two months have been a flurry of back-to-school activities, birthday parties, jury duty and just general day-to-day survival:-)
Thankfully, things finally seem to be calming down to the point where I'll be able to tackle my ever-growing list of things-to-do-around-the-house.
In the meantime, I'm indulging in a wish list of items that I would LOVE for my fall/winter wardrobe.

1. First on the list is the New Maggie Bag from Coach. I saw it this weekend while shopping for birthday presents with my mom. The beautiful, plum color had me swooning.

2. All of my cardigans are completely worn out. I love these two from J. Crew.

Shawl cardigan