Monday, November 23, 2009

getting ready for thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, we'll be traveling to Connecticut to have Thanksgiving dinner in a hotel with our family. The kids will have time to swim in the hotel pool and we'll have dinner together in one of the suites. I've been so overwhelmed with work and errands lately that I'm incredibly thankful not to have to cook anything this year!

image courtesy of Martha Stewart

However, if I were cooking, I would probably be making this incredibly simple recipe. My mom invented this trick for cranberry sauce a few years ago and, since then, she gets rave reviews every time she makes it. Everyone thinks that she toiled for hours making very fancy homemade cranberry sauce.

My Mom's Spiked Cranberry Sauce

1 can whole berry cranberry sauce
(you can use homemade cranberry sauce if you want to make it)
a tablespoon or more of Cointreau

Stir the Cointreau liquor into the cranberry sauce a tablespoon at a time. Keep tasting the cranberry sauce and stop adding Cointreau when you're satisfied with the flavor. The Cointreau lends a great citrus note to the cranbery sauce and really brings out the flavor of the cranberries. Just don't add too much or the flavor of the alcohol begins to overpower the cranberry sauce.

Note: If you plan on having children at the table, make sure you set aside a non-spiked version of cranberry sauce for them to enjoy.


  1. Enjoy your holiday - at the hotel, sounds nice to me to just "chill" with family and not have to stress out over cooking.

  2. Happy thanksgiving! I'm with you, eating out is the best way to enjoy family...low stress!