Tuesday, December 8, 2009

coughing, coughing, coughing

Did you know that you can break a rib from coughing too much? Yeah, neither did I until I ended up with one after a bout with bronchitis. And let me tell you, it hurts like you cannot believe.

It's my own dumb fault for refusing to see a doctor and convincing myself that my bronchitis would go away all on its own while I ran around like a crazy person getting done all the things that needed to get done. Note to self: sometimes you just have to get into bed and rest.

Also, while I was infected with a rib-breaking virus, my laptop caught a virus that completely froze it. Hopefully, it should be up and running by tomorrow and I'll be able to share pics of my Christmas decorations and DIY projects.

In the meantime, aren't these mercury glass vases from PotteryBarn great? I would cash in some gift certificates to get them so that I could use them for Christmas decorating, but they won't be available until January 18th.

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