Monday, January 4, 2010

hgtv withdrawal

What a way to start a new year. On New Year's Day, I turned on HGTV only to find out that my cable provider (Cablevision) has dropped HGTV and Food Network due to a contract dispute. The two channels might come back or they might not so I've been researching other cable providers in our area to switch to as soon as possible. If anyone has satellite TV and would care to leave some feedback about it, I'd appreciate it since I'm leaning towards satellite (low rates and lots of channels - what's not to love?) and my husband is completely against it.

In the meantime, I think that there is so much to love about this office space. Especially the gorgeous fabric on the framed corkboard. I feel inspired just looking at it! My mom has a similar frame that's knocking around her basement and I'm itching to take it and make something similar.


  1. I would die. I watch those two all of the time!

  2. do you get the fine living channel? i understand that's where all the good hgtv canada shows went. i totally sympathize with you, but just think- no more property virgins or my first place shows!