Monday, February 8, 2010

snow day survival guide

Apparently, the East Coast is scheduled to get hit with another snowstorm, which means that we might have a real snow day (not just a delayed opening) on Wednesday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed - I really want to go outside and build snowmen with my boys! I'm also hoping for a lot of great photo opps. January was a dull month for us and I barely even took my camera out of its case.

After we've had enough of the snow, we'll come back inside and have hot cocoa with a fresh batch of Baby Buttons cookies. These simple (and adorable) little cookies are seriously addicting!

I'll be renting out The Tudors on Tuesday. We don't subscribe to Showtime, so I've been catching up on this series on DVD. It's perfect for a snow day.

Finally, I'll hop on the elliptical machine to get my daily workout in. I'm at the point in my fitnesse regime now where I actually look forward to working out. To say that I love it would be a stretch, but I definitely miss it when a day goes by without a chance to work out. I think I'm enjoying the stress relief almost as much as the weight loss.


  1. Good for you for your workout routine! I need to find mine:). Enjoy the snow!

  2. My poor kids are dying for snow. That only happens in coastal NC about once every 5 years and then only a dusting!! Enjoy and take lots of photos to share!!