Wednesday, March 3, 2010

longing for summer

All the snow and gray weather we've had makes me wish I could escape to a place like this:

St. Regis Hotel in Hawaii

And lounge around in something like this:

beach cover-up from J. Crew

Along with a pair of these:

And right beside my lounge chair, I'd have a tub like this filled with ice and cold drinks. Summer is almost here, right?


  1. What I wouldn't do for a tropical vacay right now. Me in a gorgeous caftan sipping a tropical drink with the hubs by my side is my idea of heaven! LOVE that cover up!

  2. love the cover up. I wouldn't mind a getaway to place someplace warm right about now.

  3. Love that tub! Perfect for the family or you could buy multiples and use them to serve drinks at a party.

    Thanks for sharing! :)